Omar’s Arrest starts around 28 minutes. You can see Omar berating the police just before they handcuff him and take him, and the continued insistence of the police that protesters are blocking a sidewalk which has no regular foot traffic. At approximately 31 minutes Invictus is pushed by an officer who refuses to give her his badge number or name, and aggressively shines a light in her face. At 32 minutes, in an unprovoked attack, the police jump on an African-American male in his twenties - Stephen Relleford - known as a calm, peaceful, thoughtful person by all - and beat him mercilessly. Steven was not in the road, and was not being provocative. So far, unprovoked OLA arrests have been predominantly African-American and Hispanic males - there is a definite trend against unprovoked arrests concerning white men and women, leading us to conclude the police are often racially motivated when making unwarranted ‘First Amendment’ arrests.

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